Appropriate Flag etiquette is the responsibility of every American.

The American Flag is a living symbol of our great nation. Its care is essential to honoring our country’s past, present, and future. These articles can help you better understand how to properly treat and respect your Flag.

How to Respect the American Flag

Show your respect for the American Flag by learning these best practices.

The Flag & Sporting Events

Learn more about the role played by the American Flag at sporting events.

General Care

Maintain the American Flag’s integrity by learning these general care tips.

How to Properly Dispose of an American Flag

Not sure what to do when an American Flag is beyond repair? Learn when and how to properly dispose of an American Flag.

How to Display the Flag

There are many ways to display American Flags in both indoor and outdoor settings. Learn more about how to properly display the American Flag.

Folding the Flag

Learn how to fold the American Flag.

The Flag in Mourning

Learn when and how to properly display The Flag in Mourning.

Holiday Guide to Flying the American Flag

Find a list of all the special days when the American Flag is particularly visible.