Flags Across America

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See How We Lit Up America in Unity Against COVID-19 and Injustice

From our headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA, the National Flag Foundation rallied over 40 American cities to light up their downtowns with red, white, and blue in celebration of Flag Day.

As a unique display of national unity and respect, we remembered those who had died from COVID-19 and honored the heroes who have saved countless American lives. We also recognized those who continue to fight for equal justice under the law during this time of national mourning following the death of George Floyd.

Let's Reunite America

Our Flag was born in 1777 through the power of a revolution. Out of that revolution came its meaning – liberty and justice for all – as a birthright for every American.

We are a divided and opinionated country, yet we stand united by the fabric of this historic symbol – one country, one people, one flag. 

The Flag inspires confidence on sight as it stands for the courageous, unselfish experiences of our citizens as they protect our freedom here and throughout the world. 

Join us as we celebrate our flag and the ideals for which it stands!

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