Our partners believe in the importance of increasing education about the Flag of the United States just like us! Some of our current partners include Lamar Advertising, the National Association of Counties (NACo), and Koppers Tower in Pittsburgh, PA. Having the right partners is a critical part of helping us get our message out to the right people while sustaining our organization in the long term.

Partnerships that Support Respect for Our Flag

The National Flag Foundation is proud to partner with the National Association of Counties in spearheading a campaign which embraces the essence of Flag etiquette. Together, we are executing a project to locate American Flag disposal boxes in county office facilities throughout the United States. Anyone owning a torn or tattered flag can have it retired in a respectful way through these collection boxes. A pilot program has already proven very popular as requests for retirement collection boxes is exceeding our expectations. Nationwide Retirement Program is a lead sponsor of the initiative. The Koppers Tower and Lamar Advertising are also providing local support in Pittsburgh.

The National Association of Sheriffs is another key partner. This organization is helping our outreach efforts by raising some much needed awareness and local coordination of Flag collection efforts. Their assistance, along with groups like the Boy Scouts of America, has helped greatly in implementing retirement proceedings. More news on this is sure to come as the program moves from its pilot stage to national distribution.

Flag Day Partnerships

Flag Day (June 14) is the biggest day of the year for the Flag of the United States. Every year, The National Flag Foundation celebrates this historic day by promoting patriotic events. In 2020, we rallied over 40 cities to light up their downtown areas with red, white, and blue in recognition of Flag Day. We could not have done this without our partners, including BOMA International, Dollar Bank, The City of Pittsburgh, Lamar Advertising, Rugby Realty, and Grove City College. During the troubling events of 2020, then more than ever did the American people need to see a sense of unity. Thanks to our partners, we helped answer that call by reminding America of our national symbol: The Flag of the United States.