We currently have partnership underway with Lamar Advertising, NaCo and Koppers Tower. The right partnerships help us get our message out to appropriate constituencies while sustaining our organization for the long term.

A Partnership That Supports Respect for Our Flag

The National Association of Counties (NACo) and the National Flag Foundation (NFF) have championed a campaign that embraces the essence of Flag etiquette. Together, they are rolling-out an initiative to locate American Flag disposal boxes in County Office Buildings across the country. Anyone owning a torn or tattered flag can have it retired in a respectful way through these collection boxes. A pilot effort has proven very popular as requests for retirement collection boxes is exceeding expectations (read this to learn more). Nationwide Retirement Programs has been a lead sponsor of the effort, with local Pittsburgh support From Koppers and Lamar Advertising. Another key partner, The National Association Of Sheriffs, is supporting this outreach, bringing much needed awareness and local coordination of flag collections with actual retirement proceedings implemented through local organizations who engage in such programs, such as the Boy Scouts of America. More news on this is sure to come as the program moves from its pilot stage to national distribution in 2017.