Our History

We’ve been Raising the Standard since 1968.

We have a rich history of creating reference resources for teachers, students and citizens to further the education and respect of the American Standard.

Our goals as an organization are as follows:

  • Encourage understanding and respect for the Flag and those who uphold our freedom
  • Enrich one’s knowledge, care, handling and respect for our Flag
  • Share inspiring stories, and make our Flag a greater part of contemporary culture and media dialogue
  • Highlight the historic and factual as well as the symbolic and emotional aspects of our Flag
  • Encourage people to be proud Americans, actively supporting their Flag, Community and country

The outcomes of this agenda:

  • More flags will be flown in America
  • The Flag will be more top-of-mind, respected and properly cared for
  • Young and old will know more about our country and the Flag
  • A patriotic spirit will be more prevalent and welcome in this country