A Salute to Veterans

The National Flag Foundation (NFF) has approached our office with a plan to respectfully integrate their mission into NFL pre-game ceremonies attendant to Veterans Day. Their proposal is to produce and present, in as many NFL venues as possible, a short video (“A National Flag Foundation Moment”) immediately prior to the singing of the National Anthem. A similar program was successfully piloted last year by the Pittsburgh Steelers and Art Rooney, led by former Pittsburgh Steeler, US Marine and current NFF Board Member, John Banaszak;
View Full Video Here

The NFF is a Pennsylvania based national foundation dedicated to respect of the American Flag and civics education related to the Flag’s history. It is a longstanding non-political 501(c)(3) nonprofit Foundation with a very rich national history. In short, it is the generally recognized authority on the US Flag. Our office has vetted this organization, and we are encouraging all NFL teams to consider embracing this fine organization and its initiative.